PLR Blank Digital Notebooks

Choose one, two, or all seven of these Blank PLR Digital Notebooks. Five subject notebooks have lined pages behind each section for easy note-taking journalling, list-making, and more.

PLR Digital Notebooks come with a PLR License to sell, giveaway, and/or use for personal use.

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Blank PLR Digital Notebooks are the perfect tool for anyone who wants to be more creative and productive. They're versatile enough to be used for everything from journaling and planning to brainstorming and note-taking. 

With seven covers to choose from – all digital notebooks come with full PLR Rights so you can sell, giveaway, and/or use these notebooks yourself!

Here are just a few of the benefits of using blank digital notebooks:

  • Versatility: Blank digital notebooks can be used for anything you can imagine. Use them to journal, plan, brainstorm, take notes, doodle, and more.
  • Portability: Digital notebooks are lightweight and easy to carry with you, so you can access them anytime, anywhere.
  • Organization: Digital notebooks are easy to organize and keep tidy. You can create different notebooks for different purposes, and you can easily tag and search your notes.
  • Creativity: Digital notebooks give you the freedom to be creative in your own unique way. You can use them to create digital art, sketches, and designs. You can also use them to insert images, videos, and other multimedia content.

What is a Digital Notebook?

Digital notebooks are interlinked PDFs that include hyperlinked “tabs” that let you jump from page to page with just a click. Digital planners are best used with annotation apps such as Goodnotes or Penly and a stylus. Learn more: What is Digital Planning?

What Can I Do With a PLR Notebook?

Your purchase of this PLR Planner includes a non-transferable license to use as your own on your website/blog or social media as a giveaway or to sell to customers for their personal use. You may NOT sell this planner to other publishers to publish or sell.