Craft/DIY eBook Creation

Turn your blog posts into a beautiful, customized eBook or Digital eBook to sell or giveaway! Just choose how many projects you want to include, share the links to the blog posts, and I will take care of the rest!

eBook Creation includes:

• Front & Back Cover 
• Table of Contents 
• About Page
• Your Projects
• Shopping List 
• 2 Custom pages
• Mockups for promotion

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Turn your favorite projects from your blog into a gorgeous eBook or Digital eBook! I will custom design an eBook or Digital eBook to match your website or any theme you would like using the images and information from your blog.

What is an eBook?

An eBook is a full-color design of your selected projects in an easy-to-share PDF format. Using content from your personal blog I will design each page using the images and recipe card text along with any other pertinent details such as tools needed or success tips* You can choose to match your blog branding colors or choose a theme such as a holiday or an event.

eBooks can include outbound links to your blog, Etsy Store, social media profiles, Amazon Storefront, etc. You may also request two custom pages to promote any other content or resources you think would be valuable to your audience.

What is a Digital eBook?

A Digital eBook takes your eBook to the next level! Digital eBooks are hyperlinked PDFs that once imported into a dynamic annotation app such as Goodnotes or NoteLedge become fully functional digital books. A Digital eBook can include tabs that link to different sections, inbound links within your eBook to move from page to page, and even outbound links to your favorite affiliate products or to visit your blog. Additionally, users can use a stylus or Apple Pencil to make notes, add pages, rearrange pages, and create shopping lists right inside of your Digital eBook.  Note: With the purchase of a Digital eBook you will receive BOTH an eBook and a Digital eBook.

How Can I Use My eBooks?

Your custom eBooks are yours to do as you please! You can sell your eBooks on your blog or another store (such as Etsy), you can use it as an opt-in to grow your email list, or you can give it away as a free gift for your subscribers or followers – whatever you like!

Your final eBook Project will be delivered to you as a compressed PDF file for easy upload into your media library or email provider library. Mockups are large-format png that can be sized and edited to fit your needs. Mockups will include 5 tablet renderings with transparent backgrounds plus five lifestyle-type images.

How Do I Get Started?

Begin by purchasing the number of projects you would like included in your eBook. Then create a shared google spreadsheet with the links to the blog post of each project you want to be included. I will use the images from the post along with the information from your DIY Card to design each page. I will use colors from your logo or if you have a theme (like a holiday or event) we can do that too. 

Turn around time to receive your draft is about two weeks once you share the spreadsheet with me via Google Drive.

Upon receiving the draft if you would like to swap out images, fonts, colors, or make other edits, I am more than happy to do so.

Once you are happy with the finished product, I will send over the final PDF of your eBook along with mockups to help you with your promotions. I will also keep your document on file for 90 days in case you need to make any additional edits.

*Nutritional Information must be on the recipe card or in the post.