Blogger Media Kit Design

Impress brands and land more campaigns with a professional Blogger Media Kit. Similar to a resume, a Media Kit will highlight your content, audience, and statistics to show PR professionals why they should work with you!

*BONUS: Receive your media kit as a Canva Template so that you can easily update your blog statistics as you grow!

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A Blogger Media Kit is a document that highlights all of the benefits of advertising with your blog. Similar to how a resume would show a potential employer why you are the best person for the job, a media kit will plainly show why a brand or advertiser would want to work with you.

Why Do Bloggers Need a Media Kit?

Quite simply – to make more money. With millions of bloggers and influencers vying for campaigns, a professional media kit will help you stand out from the crowd. A Media Kit shows that you are serious about running your blog like a business and not just a hobby, so they can feel confident working with you on larger budget campaigns.

What Goes Into a Media Kit?

A Bloggers Media Kit should give a high-level overview of your blog content, your audience demographics, social statistics, the opportunities you offer for collaboration as well as a bit of information about you and your style of promotions. It should include some of your photography, most popular or high-traffic posts, and other tidbits that make you unique.

How Long Should A Media Kit Be?

A blogger media kit should be between one and six pages — keeping in mind that like a resume, the shorter and more clear the information is, the better it will be received by those looking to hire you. Typically 1-3 pages have plenty of room to show off your best features, but if you have been blogging for a long time or have a lot of options for advertising, you may need additional space so that the final document does not look or feel crowded.

What Does This Media Kit Design Service Include?

I will create a custom, one-of-a-kind media kit that matches your current blog branding that features the most important metrics that a brand or advertiser would be looking for. I will send a draft over for approval and once approved I will add all outgoing links and send you a final copy.

What If My Statistics Change?

Once you have approved the draft of your Media Kit I will send over the final version as a high-resolution PDF along with a Canva Template Link that will allow you to import your media kit into your own Canva account to make updates to your statistics as needed.